Electronic banking and payment cards

Multichannel (new Internet banking)

File name Added Effective from Size Format
Data statement settings in the new Internet Banking 15.09.2021 15.09.2021 36.56 KB PDF
Guide for registering a token in internet banking 05.08.2021 05.08.2021 1.53 MB PDF
Description of import formats for Multichannel (new Internet banking) 01.05.2021 01.05.2021 767.29 KB PDF
Technical requirements for Internet banking 25.02.2021 01.03.2021 136.31 KB PDF
Security Principles for Electronic banking 14.12.2020 14.12.2020 235.85 KB PDF
Information on the parallel operation of the old and new IB 23.11.2020 23.11.2020 290.39 KB PDF
Description of export formats for Multichannel (new Internet banking) 02.11.2020 02.11.2020 922.26 KB PDF