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PPF banka a.s. is an integral part of PPF Group, the financial and investment group. The bank focuses on providing financial, investment and consultancy services to selected clients, as well as private banking services. PPF banka’s clients include financial institutions, Czech medium and large enterprises and municipal organisations.

PPF banka acts as PPF Group’s central treasury bank, conducting international payment operations for companies within PPF Group as well as underwriting and other investment services such as brokering finance in the capital markets. The bank specialises in trading securities in the majority of markets in Europe, the United States, Russia and a number of Asian countries, primarily for professional investors.

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7/7/2014PPF Arena 2 B.V.: Detailed results of the Mandatory Tender Offer for the shares of O2 CR PPF Arena 2 B.V., a member of PPF Group, announces the results of the Mandatory Tender Offer (“MTO”) concerning the shares issued by O2 Czech Republic a.s. (O2 CR). 7/4/2014PPF banka announces results for the first quarter of 2014“With a first quarter net profit of CZK 273 million in 2014, we maintained profitability compared to the same period last year. PPF banka continued to pursue its key business activities over the quarter, increasing the volume of its loans by 14%, mainly in the export and structured financing segment. The balance sheet total was almost CZK 100 billion and ROAE stood at 26%.”6/2/2014Information for shareholders of Telefónica Czech RepublicAll queries related to the mandatory tender offer of Telefónica Czech Republic shares can be addressed to: info@ppfarena2.eu or phone number +420 720 583 483. 4/18/2014PPF banka 2013 results: Total assets exceeded CZK 100 billion for the first timePPF banka’s total assets grew CZK 28 billion in 2013 to CZK 104.8 billion on 31 December 20131/23/2014Karel Tregler appointed as Managing Director, Financial Markets at PPF bankaKarel Tregler (36) was appointed as Managing Director for Financial Markets at PPF banka a.s. on 1 January 2014, filling the position formerly held by Petr Jirásko prior to becoming PPF banka’s Chairman and CEO in October 2013. 12/1/2013Announcement for ClientsPPF banka a.s. changes the General Loan Conditions, the Investments Terms and Conditions, the Business Conditions for Safety Deposit Box Rental and the Business Conditions for Private Cheques with validity from December 1, 2013 and with effect from January 1, 2014. 11/27/2013Announcement for Clients on Payment services performance at the end of year 2013 and at the beginning of January 201410/31/2013Announcement for ClientsPPF banka a.s. changes the General Business Conditions, the Business Conditions for Homebanking, the Business Conditions for Internetbanking, the Business Conditions for Payment Cards and Price lists of Services for Natural Persons and Natural Persons – Sole Traders, for Legal Entities, and for Public Sector with validity from November 1, 2013 and with effect from January 1, 2014. 10/25/2013PPF banka reports results for the first three quarters of 2013“PPF banka continued to pursue its key business activities in the first three quarters of 2013, generating a net profit of almost CZK 650 million. The balance sheet total exceeded CZK 108 billion. We have maintained a solid proportion of classified loans, including loans past due for more than 90 days, covered by provisions. Over the last nine months, PPF banka has taken part in several major bond operations, both within the PPF Group (Home Credit & Finance Bank in Russia) and in central European financial markets (Kofola). We have also seen continued success in our export finance activities, most of which are focused on support for Czech companies’ activities in Russia and CIS countries.”10/8/2013Petr Jirásko to be appointed new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPF bankaMr Petr Jirásko is to be appointed new Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors at PPF banka a.s., replacing Mr Petr Milev who resigned yesterday. In addition, the Board of Directors accepted the resignation of Mr Josef Zeman, Vice-Chairman and member of the Board of Directors, at its meeting yesterday.
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