26/09/2017 PPF banka publishes its results for 1H 2017

“In the first half of this year, PPF banka’s net profit increased by almost 30% and Return on Equity amounted to 20.5% in the same period. In the current environment of low interest rates and strong competition in the banking market, this showcases the above-average profitability and high efficiency of the bank’s operations,” Petr Jirásko, PPF banka a.s. CEO, commented on the results.

Key ratios for 1H 2017:

  • Net profit after tax amounted to CZK 941 million, up by almost 30% year-on-year;
  • Capital adequacy increased to 16.7% as at 30 June 2017;
  • Loans to clients increased to CZK 30.4 billion over the period.


The increase in net profit to CZK 941 million is primarily attributable to net interest income, which rose by 19% to CZK 1.1 billion, an increase of CZK 181 million year on year.

Total Capital Adequacy Ratio increased by 0.72 percentage points to 16.68% as at the end of the first half of 2017 compared with the end of 2016, remaining within the safe range.

The share of operating costs, excluding depreciation and amortisation, in operating revenues decreased to less than 30%, down from 36% in mid-2016. Operating costs, excluding depreciation and amortisation, rose by only 3% while revenues increased by 23%, demonstrating high operating efficiency.