10/11/2017 PPF Bank informs you about the changes made to our business conditions and other documents with effect to 13. 1. 2018.

We thank you for using our Banking Services and we would like to inform you about the changes made to our business conditions and other documents pursuant to this message with effect to 13th January 2018 especially for reasons resulting from new regulation of the area of payment services. The new legislation introduces the changes primarily to enhance consumer protection, in particular by enhancing the protection of electronic payments, to specify the rights and obligations in making payment transactions, including the introduction of new types of payment services.

In accordance with the proposed changes we would like to inform you about following:

  • the proposed change may be rejected in writing only, however not later than on Business day preceding the date of effectiveness of that change. In such case, the Client may, in writing and prior to the date of effectiveness, terminate the respective Agreement on Payment Services with immediate effect. No charges shall be applied;
  • if the proposed change is not rejected in accordance with the conditions set out in par. above, the proposed change shall be deemed accepted as of the date of effectiveness proposed above.

If you are using the Homebanking and/ or Internetbanking service, the proposed changes will be provided to you through this service.

For easier orientation General Business Conditions, Business Conditions For Payment Cards and List of Interest Rate with marked changes are attache bellow.

For full texts of these documents, see Important Documents

Yours sincerely, PPF banka a.s.