18/12/2020 New security feature Debit Card e-PIN

This number is to be entered for all online payments made as of 4 January 2021.

Our clients will receive the Debit Card e-PIN to the email (or in an SMS message), on 4 January 2021. This number, together with a single-use code received via text message, is to be entered whenever our clients make a payment online (E-commerce transaction). If our clients do not have online payments enabled for the Debit Card on 4 January 2021, an e-PIN will not be sent to our clients until they are enabled. If they hold multiple Debit Cards issued by PPF banka, an e-PIN will be sent to our clients separately for each of these Debit Cards. Please keep all the e-PINs received safe and inform all other Cardholders.

What is an e-PIN?

  • This is a new security feature that, in keeping with EU law, will be required for “two-factor authorisation” when our clients make payments online.
  • It will remain valid without time limit and for all online payments made as of 4 January 2021 (i.e. it is not a single-use code).
  • From 3 March 2021, it is possible to display the value of the e-PIN and change it in the card detail in the new Internet banking (Multichannel).

How does an e-PIN work?

  • At the moment, when you make an online payment, you are prompted to enter the number, expiry date and CVC code of your Debit Card, after which you are redirected to the “Payment Verification” page to enter a single-use code that is sent to you by text message or email. Here, you will now also see a new box for you to enter your e-PIN (see the image).
  • You will be prompted to enter your e-PIN whenever you make a payment online. If you are not asked to enter your e-PIN, responsibility for the security of the transaction lies with the company with which you are carrying out the transaction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time through your relationship manager, by email at, or by telephone on (+420) 224 175 902.