27/02/2013 PPF banka offers contactless payment cards from 1.3.2013

Contactless payment cards use technology MasterCard® PayPass™, which provides the following benefits:

• Speed - you do not have to enter a PIN for payments up to CZK 500, so all transaction is done in about five seconds
• Safety - you do not give the card from your hand, so you have it all the time under control; you will be asked to enter the PIN after putting your card to the reader when paying over CZK 500
• Comfort - you do not have to look for change in case of lower amount payment

Payment terminals, which allow you to use the card for contactless payment, are marked as follows:

PPF banka issued contactless payment cards under the same conditions as the existing payment card without this function.

If you are interested in their issue, please contact your relationship manager or any Client Center of PPF banka.