22/04/2013 PPF banka increases subordinated bond issue

PPF banka a.s. (“PPF banka”) today increased its subordinated bond issue to a total of CZK 1,400,000,000
“The demand for our recently-issued subordinated bonds is so high that today we increased the issue to a total maximum value of CZK 1.4 billion. We are delighted to be able to offer an instrument that will meet demand, in particular from our private banking clients. For investors seeking investments in Czech crowns with attractive yields, it is currently very difficult to find any better opportunities on comparable terms on the market.” 

Petr Milev, Chief Executive Officer

Subordinated bonds:

On 18 April 2013, PPF banka increased the issue of its subordinated bonds (ISIN: CZ0003703985) to a total of CZK 1,400,000,000. PPF banka is the issuer. The bonds were issued on 8 April 2013 as part of a non-public offering and their original volume was CZK 700,000,000 with final maturity on 7 April 2023. The issuer has a call option in five years on 4 July 2018. The bonds bear a fixed 6.50% p.a. coupon payable annually. The nominal value per bond is CZK 1,000,000, providing the minimum investment is CZK 3,000,000. The bonds are negotiable without any restrictions and they are dematerialised and recorded at Centrální depozitář cenných papírů a.s. [Central Securities Depository PLC]. The subordinated bonds are denominated in Czech crowns and issued under Czech law. PPF banka is the administrator of the issue. More detailed conditions for investment in the subordinated bonds and information about the related risks, including the issue conditions, can be obtained from PPF banka’s customer centre or personal bankers.

PPF banka is part of the PPF international investment group. PPF Group N.V. holds 92.96 per cent of the bank’s shares, and the City of Prague holds 6.7 per cent