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Financial institutions

We offer a comprehensive range of services on the financial market, primarily for institutional investors with a focus on insurance companies, pension funds, investment companies and hedge funds. We are able to offer you bespoke solutions based on your requirements and specificities.

Our core activities are in the following areas:

  • Services related to trading in investment instruments:
    • PPF banka is one of the main primary dealers on the bond market in the Czech Republic.
    • We deal in both domestic and foreign securities (equities, bonds).
    • We offer repo transactions with investment instruments.
    • Access to primary bond issues.
    • Services as an arranger of bond issues.
  • Services related to currency and interest operations:
    • Forex operations.
    • Currency and interest hedging operations.
    • Deposit transactions.
    • We offer access to (payments) exotic markets, primarily in Asia.
  • Custody services:
    • We keep and administer asset accounts.
    • Access to foreign markets through renowned custodians.
    • Settlement of transactions on the exchange market and the OTC market.
    • We arrange the exercise of the rights of securities holders (payout of dividends, payment of coupons, redemption, subscription, splitting).


  • MiFID denotes a set of EU directives and regulations governing the provision of investment services
  • This section offers the information and documents that PPF banka is required to provide

Documents and other information

Pricelists and Terms and Conditions for investment services