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Sensible debt financing yields profits in the future.


We subscribe to simple and well-proven banking practices. We have detailed knowledge of our current clients’ needs and are able to predict their future needs. Our work combines flexibility in decision making with an individualised approach taken by the bank’s staff.

  • We provide authorised overdraft and operating and investment financing.
  • We arrange structured financing for domestic and international commercial transactions.
  • We help to finance residential and commercial properties.

We provide services professionally and with an individualised approach.

Payment services

We are able to carry out standard services, but our expertise is primarily in sophisticated solutions.

  • We keep and administer current accounts in Czech crowns and in foreign currencies.
  • We offer special accounts for lawyers, enforcement officers and insolvency administrators.
  • We provide a broad range of payment services focused on domestic payments processing, with a strong emphasis on speed and an individualised approach to international payments processing.
  • PPF banka’s payment cards can be connected to Czech crowns as well as accounts kept in foreign currencies.
  • Connecting a single payment card to two current accounts is our exclusive offering.
  • You can comfortably manage your company finances via our Internet banking application or via Homebanking, our electronic banking application.

No cash, no worries, security guaranteed.

Payment terminals and payment gates

Payment terminals at check-out counters are becoming a part of the standard services of businesses and firms. The portfolio of PPF banka’s services includes a range of payment terminals and card transaction settlement.

  • Customers are more frequently opting for cashless payments for goods and services via payment terminals in operations, or via online shops.
  • Payments terminals offer an ability to accept payments without the costs and risks related to cash handling.
  • PPF banka provides these services in cooperation with an external partner.

The most active dealer of 2016 in the primary market for Czech government bonds.

Investment services

PPF banka a. s. is one of the largest securities traders in terms of investment service provision in the Czech Republic and on emerging markets.

We offer the following services in financial markets:

  • Trading in domestic and foreign bonds and other fixed-income instruments;
  • Participation in primary bond issues;
  • Trading in domestic and foreign equities and other participation securities;
  • Trading in money market instruments;
  • Hedging using derivatives;
  • Currency trading;
  • Non-independent investment advice for selected clients.

We successfully facilitate access to mature markets such as the US and the EU countries, as well as emerging markets, including China, Russia and Vietnam.

We provide services related to securities trading to both professional and non-professional investors.

We are a member of the Prague Stock Exchange and the market maker for government bonds on the OTC market.


  • MiFID denotes a set of EU directives and regulations governing the provision of investment services
  • This section offers the information and documents that PPF banka is required to provide

Documents and other information

Pricelists and Terms and Conditions for investment services