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We are flexible in finding individualised and unique solutions for complex situations.

Payment services

We are able to carry out standard services, but our expertise is primarily in sophisticated solutions.

  • We keep and administer current accounts in Czech crowns and in foreign currencies.
  • We offer special accounts for lawyers, enforcement officers and insolvency administrators.
  • We provide a broad range of payment services focused on domestic payments processing, with a strong emphasis on speed and an individualised approach to international payments processing.
  • PPF banka’s payment cards can be connected to Czech crowns as well as accounts kept in foreign currencies.
  • Connecting a single payment card to two current accounts is our exclusive offering.
  • You can comfortably manage your company finances via our Internet banking application or via Homebanking, our electronic banking application.

A conservative approach to growing your money can also be creative.

Saving products

Our banking services for the public sector have a modular design with a large number of options for bespoke modifications.

  • Term deposits are a traditional but not the only option for investing uncommitted funds conservatively.
  • Besides term deposits, we also provide savings accounts with blocked outgoing payments, special fund accounts, and investment accounts with a preset drawdown schedule. For these products, public sector institutions receive better interest rates compared with current accounts.
  • We offer selected securities.

No cash, no worries, security guaranteed.

Payment terminals and payment gates

Payment terminals at check-out counters are becoming a part of the standard services of businesses and firms. The portfolio of PPF banka’s services includes a range of payment terminals and card transaction settlement.

  • The continuing rise in the popularity of card payments opens up new opportunities for municipalities to facilitate public service payments for their residents.
  • PPF banka has responded to this demand via its municipal online payment management service – members of the public have a single point for paying charges and for the services provided by the municipality.
  • PPF banka provides these services in cooperation with an external partner.

Sensible debt financing yields profits in the future.


When we see a meaningful transaction we execute it promptly and professionally.

  • We provide long-term and short-term investment loans, and authorised overdraft for the public sector and for entities controlled by the public sector.
  • The financing terms are always assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the municipality’s in­dividual circumstances.

Using the complementary opportunities available from PPF Group is a smart solution.

Smart solutions

Working with partners in PPF Group, we bring smart solutions to cities and public institutions.

  • Our smart solutions can bring savings and more information for your qualified decisions, and facilitate more effective public administration.
  • We always take individual needs and conditions as the basis to creating unique propositions.

Documents and other information

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